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Why You Should Consider Genetic Testing

In recent years, scientists have developed a way to test the possibility of developing a gene for a particular disease. For cases such as Huntington’s disease, a degenerative brain disorder, genes ensure a positive test at the end of the progression of the disease. However, there are diseases such as cancer, gene positive test indicates a greater risk for developing the disease. In addition to the above-mentioned diseases, risk factors of birth defects, cystic fibrosis, certain forms of muscular dystrophy, and a number of other diseases can be detected by genetic testing.

Today in North America, newborns are regularly tested for inherited metabolic disease leading to mental retardation and other problems if proper care is not given. Babies found to have a disease that is placed on a special diet, which reduces the progression of the disease. In contrast, infants with a genetic predisposition to many other diseases that do not always make disease.

Because genetic background may influence the risk of disease, some dietary guidelines will be useful for some people than in others. For example, people are prone to osteoporosis, as mentioned earlier, you should be aware of calcium intake. In general, the benefits of genetic testing, including the potential for further individual advice on nutrition and health, more informed decisions by couples trying to have children (ie, alternatives such as shelter), increased surveillance for this disease, and the ability to plan suitable for the future.

However, it is not possible, given the current resources allocated to medical care in North America, to identify genetic risk per person for major chronic diseases and other health problems. Moreover, in some situations is not the same genetic susceptibility to the development of collateral disease. And, in almost all cases, there is no way to treat a particular gene variation consideration can cause health problems. Thus, knowledge of the genetic test is an open question. Possible preventive measures and careful research certainly genetically linked to diseases in family decisions suffice.

Whatever after you receive the results of genetic testing, can be widely assumed that the armed using this information puts you at a distinct advantage. Although there may be no cure for a particular disease, there are often things you can do to reduce the risk of contracting the disease. Also, certain drugs and treatments work better if they are given the most lucrative part of developing a disease, so if you realize that you have a higher risk for certain contractual sick, you know what signs to look for and when to get test .

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