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What Treatment, Drugs and Therapy Are Available for custody?

If the use of care, treatment, and therapy to help hide the storage process is not 100% or even 50% effective. The scientists found strong prevention of disease in patients medication becomes less effective. There are many reasons why any treatment would not be effective, including the fact that the store is still a new disease and that patients do not believe that they have a problem or a list and discussion of options problem.

Below victims storage is expected to get crushed illness.

MedicationsThe control popular drugs offered to patients Paxil in storage. Paxil is used as the first line to test drugs for treating storage diseases. Unfortunately, this drug is not a magic bullet that will be most dependent. According to the study of OCD (not the official precautions studies) that most OCD patients who also have storage issues do not receive adequate benefit from two drug choices should take the medicine’s Paxil.

The-risperidone, olanzapine, quetiapine, haloperidol and fluphenazine Storage of clean storage industry. The mental health professionals as well as the hope that the formal care research study conducted. Performed.

TherapyWhat studies have had some success in the accumulation of disease Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Another term for CBT is exposure and response therapy.

Basically is the process of home visits to the therapist and talk about these things and discuss about removing discarded household items. Getting patients to discover why they collect some items and use their fear and anxiety in the process of removing items.

This as you can imagine is very difficult to pull off. Most hoarders either avoid this type of treatment because they refused they have a problem or they are too shy and just hope everyone will want to leave them alone.

Again no research to confirm or deny CBT therapy job. The problem is that compared to OCD patients finally asked for help, care helps patients avoid any embarrassment or because they believe issue.

This to make big challenge for researchers and regular alike.

There Therapist changing information for hoarders but is the latest for today. Hopefully in the future they will be more information on the subject due to start making time for television series and hoarders to identify their storage disease.

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