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What is a Pulse Oximeter and When Is It Used?

A pulse oximeter is a medical device used to calculate the percentage of patients whose blood is saturated with oxygen. It also registers the patient’s heartbeat, making it useful as a monitoring tool to provide the benefits of early warning of potentially serious health problems.The use a pulse oximeter to monitor patients, especially It is non-invasive and gives instant results, as opposed to drawing the blood of patients and assess just lab.

A oximter probe pulse effortless yet snuggly attached to the patient, usually in their hand, but more common in the legs or their earlobe. Using infrared light wavelengths and probe are able to identify and oxygenated blood, before calculating the ratio between the two and shows the level of blood oxygen saturation as a percentage of the attached monitor. In a healthy person, you would expect the rate of 95% or more, but people can be very healthy rate as low as 90%.

The information displayed by the pulse oximeter is very useful in various medical fields, particularly in the operation of general anesthesia for identifying respiratory problems, lung, heart or blood flow, before they are allowed to be life threatening. Its use is also helpful in diagnosis of sleep apnea, due to low blood oxygen concentration is indicative of the problem has reached the limit lungs.There oximter pulses user, since it can only admit that there is a problem, not what the problem are.

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