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Try Yeast-Free Diet

Dr. Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D of Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition gave us a testimony about a diet for healthiest body. It’s a yeast-free diet, and he explained as well why you should consider a yeast-free diet instead of others. Basically, it’s a diet which stresses on preventing the yeast to grow. It’s the most effective one since it focuses on eliminating the foods that makes the yeast continue on growing.

The core of this yeast-free diet is to not consuming the foods that the yeasts love to consume as well. Meaning, if you eat dishes that the yeast loves, you feed the yeast at the same time. Basically, there are three types of consumption that, once they are eliminated, your body will also start being yeast-free. The first is malt. Malt has the chemicals to ferment beer, that’s why a combo of malt and beer in your gut will fail you from doing the best diet. The second is vinegar. Its function is to kill bacteria but leave the yeast in every baking process, that’s why the yeast will love staying in your body if it’s been with vinegar. The third is nutritional supplements. For this case, you can search down on the web to know which one matches well with the principle of yeast-free diet, and which one doesn’t.

Yeast-free diet is a diet to stop eating the foods that support the yeast to stay and grow in your guts, of which the foods mainly contain malt, vinegar and the other nutritional supplements. Once you understand the rule and commit projecting it well, you will be successful. There have been many stories showing the good result of yeast-free diet that helps getting people out of obesity and food addiction. It’s time for you to try it, so good luck!

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