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Treating Fibromyalgia Naturally and Effectively – Treating Depression Naturally

Fibromyalgia can be a debilitating condition – a condition that is simply a symptom of an underlying cause of a disease called adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is quite common in the population due to the overbearing stresses that plague our society and the lack of understanding of properly overcoming stresses. Over time, the body wears down and fatigues; as this process occurs, many individuals develop symptoms of ligament and muscle deterioration – chronic pain, tenderness, stiffness, decreased energy, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, depression, and more.

There are simple and effective methods to overcome fibromyalgia; the following are ways to naturally overcome fibromyalgia:


Most Americans run around all day from one stress to the next and rarely have time to relax and focus on themselves or their body. Most are entirely “disconnected” with themselves and their body as they rarely give time to meditation. When was the last time that you had 15 minutes of silence to just focus on you and your body – no reading, no television, no conversation – just you and silence? If you are like most Americans, the answer is NEVER! Meditation is simple – it can be guided or just a period of relaxation when one focuses their mind inward. Meditation is a map of reconnecting the spirit and the mind with the body.

De-Stress Formula:

This adrenal supplementation by Nutri-West is a powerful concoction of glandulars, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. These nutrients function synergistically to support various energy-producing systems of the body, especially the adrenals. The adrenals are distinguished glands that allow the body respond to stress; if they do not respond to stress, the body will die. As the adrenals are primary to continual stress response and survival, the adrenals will buy valuable nutrients from other organ systems, including the ligaments and muscles. Over time, this supplement will help the adrenals buy the nutrition that they need so that they stop stealing distinguished nutrients that other tissues of the body need in order to function and heal.

Total Fem-Bal Homeopathy:

This homeopathic formula by Nutri-West is a powerful remedy that balances female hormone levels without the use of artificial hormones or damaging pharmaceuticals. As a homeopathic, it has no side-effects! Amongst my patients, this formulation is widely used and appreciated. Many female patients start calling this homeopathy “their friend” as it helps them have less tenderness, less PMS, more regular periods, fewer mood swings, and more energy.

Pro-Cortisol Balance:

This formulation by Nutri-West effectively lowers the cortisol levels that are high in the body due to adrenal stress. High cortisol levels obtain the following symptoms in the body: coarse energy, insomnia, frequent awakening, feeble ligaments, decreased healing, and Syndrome X (pre-diabetic or hypoglycemic conditions). Within hours of supplementing with Pro-Cortisol Balance, people start to sleep through the night without the need of a sleeping pill – and they awake without a hangover. Literally, they start to sleep at night instead of just have “shut eye” time. Within weeks, the body starts to repair, energy increases, ligaments strengthen, and pain decreases.

Many of my patients have come to an initial examination with the complaints of multiple hurt symptoms. Upon following my recommendations to supplement with Pro-Cortisol Balance, they returned in one week with nearly no pain! The incredible thing is that no other physical remedies were performed – adjustments, frosty laser, massage, etc.

If reluctant to try these remedies on your own, catch a qualified practitioner in your area that specializes in treating adrenal fatigue. I hope that with this empowering information, you can achieve relief from fibromyalgia!