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Three types of breakfast let you be Fat Easy.

Presented scientifically will become obese, and the murderer of health, now, let’s see what is the reason that allows you to be fat.

Fried dough sticks

Most choose the traditional Chinese breakfast, a piece of fried dough sticks options are not, in fact, if higher fat fried dough sticks, each of them has more than 220 calories because food shot, and after burning oil, grease enough nutrition has been broken, and allow some material to get cancer, therefore, is not the best choice for breakfast.

Li Shou Chinese breakfast special show no more than 1 hour a week, you can have some vegetables and fruit in the morning, and you should avoid fried foods.

Two. Breakfast West

Many workers choose KFC, 7-11 to buy breakfast, like hamburgers, fried chicken wings and fries, even thought it was delicious, but high in calories in it, and there is little hamburger plants, therefore, not can meet the needs of the body.

We suggest you add some vegetables and fruits, so you can achieve a balance, and you do not have to be for long, as it has many calories.

Three. Cozy Noodles

Some people prefer their noodles as continental breakfast, although it would be easy and delicious, but perhaps you know the process of making decisions noodles, which are fried in oil a few times, noodles and vegetables do not provide enough vitamins and fiber .

We recommend that if you really want to have convenience, you can choose a convenient rice and add some vegetables and fruits.

A healthy breakfast should be: fruits + vegetables + milk + frumentum

Vegetables and fruits can provide enough vitamins and fiber, and have enough protein in milk, and enough carbohydrates to frumentum, help burn fat. If you want to lose weight, you can add some weight loss products, slimming LI Shou was recommended to me, I had one of the active ingredients of Tuckahoe which is proven to relieve hunger, or become an appetite suppressant, in Increasing serotonin levels. This acts as a signal telling the body it is full, resulting in weight loss or weight control.

Once you have healthy, you see, even if you eat a little more at lunch and dinner, you will not get fat.

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