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There are few symptoms Stroke – drooping cheeks

What is also called a mini stroke mild stroke or transient ischemic attack is more formal (TIA), stroke symptoms are short and are not permanent. In a mild stroke, the symptoms usually go away in a day or soonest after 15 minutes.

One symptoms mild stroke sagging cheeks, mouth or gums, felt in the affected part of your body. Facial nerve is one of the 12 cranial nerves that connect directly from the brain, so that in the case of facial nerve mild stroke on the affected side of the brain also received a letter. This shows the sagging muscles of the lower facial weakness why take place.

The Difference Between A Mild Stroke And Bell PalsyA mild stroke symptoms such as sagging cheeks to be confused with another condition called Bell’s palsy Palsy.

Bell a condition dictated by the seventh cranial facial sagging facial nerve The main cause of the defective virus infection. They occur more suddenly and affect anyone from 10 years to mature, although pregnant women and people with diabetes or upper respiratory tract infections increased risk.

There signs tell-tale signs that can quickly identify the difference between facial sagging caused by stroke or because of an infected nerve: Stroke affects / weakens one side of the body as Bell palsy only affects the face.

If you have control over your facial movements such as smiling, eyes closed and open, raising eyebrows, frowning or wrinkling the forehead, then most likely it Palsy.

CT Bell, MRI scans and other medical tests for electromyography, can further confirm the diagnosis or rule out other causes.

A “Mild” ReminderThough it is more serious than a full stroke, minor stroke is an important warning signal to your brain shows signs of damaged blood circulation. When your blood does not flow to the brain, brain cells deprived of oxygen which resulted in their deaths. One third of people who experience a stroke mild stroke in the past to think come.

If suddenly sagging and numbness in the face, legs and body, it could be a sign that you are having a stroke. Seek medical assistance as soon as possible! Stroke can occur at any age and gender. Stroke is the leading cause of death in the world today. It is deadly because it not only kills but it is a cause of disability and death by paralysis of the body, if they survive. The best way to treat a stroke is to prevent it.To learn more about stroke prevention strategies, go to the health journal Tips Of all types and follow the “Total Health Breakthrough” dietary Now!

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