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The purpose lemonade diet reviews

A number of reviews lemonade diet as popular because of its simplicity and testimony by celebrities. Also known as the Master Cleanse Diet, has been around for over 50 years and was created by Stanley Boroughs in the 1940s. Although popular, it has gained a lot of criticism worldwide.What this diet all about? This diet is actually fairly simple and affordable that helped boost his popularity. You just replace all your meals with herbs lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Basically there are three phase diet is the ease in, the lemonade diet, and out.The ease to ease the body and mind that allows you to be prepared for changes in food intake. It takes three days and ask you to cut out certain food groups. On the first day, which allows you to eat fruits and vegetables live food. Eating the recommended ratio is 60% vegetables and 40% fruits are low in sugar.

On the second day, which allows you to eat soup and juice in a food preparation for all liquids. On the third day, asked to only drink orange juice throughout the day with the option of adding maple syrup.The diet actually consists of a mixture of lemon juice as a substitute for daily meals. Asked to drink 6-12 glasses a day, and only when you are hungry or feel weak. Also required to do the salt water flush or laxatives to promote bowel movement. Allowed to drink water throughout the day for hydration. Food does not really have a set time frame limits but recommendation is to do it only for 14 days.The ease-out is simply a reversal of the ease with which the first day you drink orange juice, the next day allows you to eat soup and fruit juice and other fruits and vegetables in the third before returning to your normal CriticismsIt diet.

The easy to see why people go to such a diet is considered thin, availability and affordability. Anyone can do it on their equipment and get results fast. It is considered an extreme diet for all types of foods are completely eliminated in your body. It also has a strict diet as the most weight lost during consists of water. Resumption of normal diet, is almost guaranteed that you put back a few pounds and maybe some lemonade more.Since not meet all of the nutrients needed by the body, is also considered unhealthy. What’s more is that people need to exert much effort or diet does not work every day because it can leave a person feeling weak. Flush also requires you to go often go shower.The ConclusionIf want to lose weight fast then the lemonade diet will work for you. But remember that lasting weight loss requires a lifestyle change and not just a temporary measure.

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