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The (Not So) Hidden Dangers of homogenized milk

Milk is a natural way to feed her. This is the perfect delivery mechanism to provide the baby with lactoferrins, immunoglobulins and proteins – the nutrients needed for the development. It took a perfect homogenization process and turn it into something else. The goal of treating milk to increase parity in the liquid. Without it, the cream separated. While the ultimate goal is a practical, how to add a hidden danger to what is natural, healthy Homogenization drink.What you to MilkMilk containing milk fat globules, or lump, which will rise to the top of the liquid. Homogenization is a thick mixture that breaks down the area, so it has a more consistent texture – a very attractive feature for commercial distribution. Without a mechanical process, you will feel and taste of butter … or scrape the cream off the top! HomogenizationHomogenization risk is an effective way to create a more interesting texture in cream, but also a change in the primary structure of the protein. Raw milk is easier to digest than homogeneous products. By changing the homogenization, the milk becomes more difficult for the body to process.

Each system in the body has a function. Part of the job of the digestive tract is to filter food. Unlike most filters, a smaller portion may be lost through the grid. Through a process of homogenization, proteins are broken down into long chains of small units that are not digested properly. The smaller the chain to slip through the filter to get to work bloodstream.The immune system is to protect the body from foreign invaders. When it detects a foreign object, the system takes action to contain and destroy it. This is the same process that happens when you get infected. When undigested proteins enter the bloodstream, it has the potential to trigger an immune response that can cause inflammation and a myriad of fun symptoms.The same mechanism that breaks down the protein chain will also reduce the size of fat globules in milk. Butter is not lost. Being a small mistake so you do not know they exist. So it is small enough to prevent the melt channel filter area. Once in the blood, fat can increase the risk of heart disease.

Do Cancer Hormones trigger? Homogenization is a secondary issue for the introduction of hormones in the body. Solvent to remove harmful substances in cow’s milk, but homogenization allows multiple components to overcome the protective filter. It includes:





Some parts are a natural element in the milk while others are given to animals to increase production. When it comes to hormones and steroids, the human body does not know the difference between what is natural and what is man-made. When human ingesting growth hormones given to cattle, can trigger the proliferation of cancer cells.Altering ProcessWhen homogenization changes in the structure of the milk, he changed the natural process. It can put a person at risk of serious illness. Homogenization can increase the chances of developing:

Digestive Problems

Autoimmune problems

Heart disease


A study by the Connecticut Cardiologist Oster and Ross showed that bovine xanthene oxidase (BXO) is able to survive digestion. Doctors paper, published in the Proceedings of the Society for Biology and Medicine (vol. 163:1981) In an experiment, which has shown that milk antibodies increased in male patients diagnosed with heart disease.In addition, there is evidence that the fat in droplets formed during homogenization of the artery wall becomes irritated. This irritation causes the body to produce cholesterol to protect the wall insulation. This may be one reason for the increase in heart disease in young people.In effort to make better milk, the dairy industry is against nature. Raw milk is a natural material. Milk is not homogeneous. Common sense says that it would be contrary to the natural process would be a problem. Medical science is bury your head in the fact that there are hidden dangers in the homogenization of cow’s milk can cause chronic pain and even the possibility of a terminal illness.

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