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Some Ayurvedic Spa Treatment and Ayurvedic massage therapy

Always entertain tourists in India by different cultures, people, places, languages, food offered. Indian tourist drowned all the substance of the last decade and has been developed as a productive way, for those who are looking for health cum holiday trip with Ayurveda and spa tourism as the fastest growing segment in India today. ‘Ayurveda’ provides a comprehensive overview of the life of the rich and healthy. Having a healing art that originated about 5,000 years ago and became part of the rich cultural history of India.

Some Ayurvedic Spa Treatment and Ayurvedic massage therapy as Tharpana (Eye Care) Njavarakizhi (heated Rice Bundle Massage), Udwarthanam (Herbal Powder Massage), Nasyam (nasal drops), Kativasthi (Maintenance of hot oil lower back) Pizichil (Warm Herbal Oil Bath) , Udwarthanam (Herbal Powder Massage), Thakra Dhara (Buttermilk stream on the forehead), Ksheera Dhara (Medicated Milk front Streaming) Back Massage (massage Ayurveda Back), Head Set Go (Indian head massage), Head Set Go (Indian head massage) , Shiro Dhara (flow of oil on the forehead), Shiro Dhara (flow of oil on the forehead), choorna Swedam (heated Bundle Massage), choorna Swedam (heated massage Bundle) Thakra Dhara * (Buttermilk Streaming On the forehead), Hastha Padabhyanga (Hand and Massage feet), Back Massage (massage Ayurveda Back), Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage oils) originating from Kerala.

Amatrra Spa, Hotel Ashok, New Delhi is a package of Ayurveda spa and spacious and well make it suitable for calming the mind, soul and body. A visit here is to experience the healing power of nature that has been packed in Ayurvedic medicine and do the best spa in Delhi.

Offers a variety of programs on the basis of “Astroveda” – Astrology and Ayurveda Science, including spa packages, body scrubs, massages, facials, body wraps, hydrotherapy and Ayurvedic package with a mix of qualified and professional staff, a traditional herb medicine therapy pure and sincere care and spices. Amatrra Spa, the only spa in the nation’s metropolitan areas have an award for “Best Day Spa” by Asia Spa India. In 2007, for example, flexibility and a variety of spa packages, massage, Ayurvedic therapy, body composition analysis, personal training, pilates, fitness center with exercise room for all programs and aerobic exercise and relax at the outdoor swimming pool. It combines the expertise, skills and hardware to provide a relaxing experience.

Kerala, which is known as the city-state itself, one of the smallest state. Until a decade ago, is believed to be the only place that offers Ayurvedic spa and Ayurvedic medicine, but Ayurvedic treatments and rejuvenation packages as usual Amatrra offers completely change the viewing angle and confirms the growing world made compact ..! Now residents or tourists from North India have to travel to Kerala for Ayurvedic treatment, unless they want to enjoy the backwaters, beaches and green vegetation.

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