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Pulse Oximeter and World Hunger

The world population is growing at an alarming pace. Countries like India and China has a population of billions, which must be fed. This may not seem like a problem at all, but in reality it is. Like dominoes, famine in the country affecting the situation in other countries. This is especially true when the country has a larger population. This challenge is nothing more than the result of supply and demand. As a large country which require multiple needs, have to turn to the market to buy. This again increases the demand for the product, which raised the price. We saw this happen in the past. More recently, demand for rice go up when supply is down. This has led to a rise in rice prices, making it more difficult for developing countries. As a reaction, it resulted in both starvation and pulse oximeter riots.

How not related to world hunger? The answer to this question is based on the idea that if you are always working on meeting the needs of the market, you can control the inflammation. In other words, if you give people what they want from their choice, it benefits both suppliers and consumers. Consumers win because they get their needs met, while suppliers make more money by selling in volume. In the past, pulse oximeter for sale in limited quantities at high prices.

Now with the science of technology and software, the pulse oximeter is available to the masses for less than a hundred dollars. A pulse oximeter, also known as a pulse ox by some medical professionals, is a medical device used to measure blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of an individual. A pulse oximeter can not solve world hunger, but learned a lot from it.

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