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Professional tummy tuck procedure

In case sit-ups are not giving you the firm tummy you yearn for and you still have too much fat or excess skin in your abdomen that won’t diminish with diet or exercise, you may opt for a professional tummy tuck procedure. This procedure flattens the abdomen by taking away the extra fat and skin, and tightening muscles in the abdominal wall. Nevertheless, tummy tuck is a major surgery, so in case you are considering it, you need to take the time to educate yourself about it. You should thoroughly analyze your own situation without rushing to make the final decision. In fact, this procedure should be the last option for people who have exhausted all other alternatives. Moreover, one should not use this procedure as an alternative for weight loss.

How is a professional tummy tuck done?

Depending on one’s desired results, a professional tummy tuck surgery can take about one to five hours. Again, the complexity of the clients’ particular situation determines whether one can have it finished on admission or as an outpatient. The doctor administers general anesthesia to the client, which puts the client to sleep during the operation. The doctor then proceeds to flatten the abdomen by removing the extra loose fat and skin and then tightening the muscles in the abdominal wall. During the process, the doctors can also get rid of some if not all of the stretch marks within the lower abdomen. This procedure is a popular trend after pregnancy, after a massive weight loss or every time a flabby abdomen with weak muscles appears thus impairing one’s body shape. Nearly everyone who goes through this procedure professionally reports enhanced self-esteem.

Whether one is going for a partial or a complete tummy tuck, the incision site has to be stitched and bandaged. The plastic surgeon provides the individual with an elastic bandage which one has to put on after surgery. It’s also essential to follow the surgeon’s instructions on how to care for the bandage subsequent to surgery. In case you are an outpatient, ensure that you have someone to take care of you at least until you recover from the surgery.

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