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Problems With Retirement – Two Fatal Mistakes and How to Beat the System

About a year ago I left my job at an asset management firm whose pension funds are managed quite a lot, and hope to never return to the industry (if I did this article is certainly not going to do favor!) Addition will not be able to handle the fatigue and mind numbing tediousness days lot of what I do, I also lost faith in the whole concept of “asset management”. I seem to be at least two fatal flaw in the whole concept of pensions.

Fatal Jonah 1 – Most retirement Feel About Paying Someone Else To gamble money.We think of retirement as a quiet, boring. I almost fell off my chair when I sell my mortgage boredom started trying to sell (I’m only 22). Luckily I put him off – as a gift for my mortgage survive just signed up for failing to meet expectations on a monumental scale. I will be preferable to hide my cash bed.What wrong time? Well they invest part up.

Every down rather than a few years I will make a profit … then demolished the next innovation in the market. And believe me, when you had enough ups and downs of the stock market charts more than 20, 30 years you will see that this is not an isolated incident, it is the nature of horse market.

My lead, and then get started bored. It was not my lucky day. Should I wear my lucky socks. Whatever the logic of investing in the stock market, bond market, the property – it’s like learning the ways of horse racing – to be able to calculate the odds better, but still not sure who won the Grand National. And it is the pension problem – which is why retirement is not guaranteed … May not work, (in the same way that grace can not operate,) because you can not guarantee a shot. Unless it is a basic rule of gambling – the house always wins wins.The only guaranteed pensions bet every bank, investment firm, a broker that offers your bills – they get paid to play money if they win or explosive lose.

Fatal 2 – The Great MythYou retirement pensions need. The government has said that the media has told you, the financial industry will continue to tell you – you can have an elegant, very attractive older couple holding hands on the deck of the ship or on shore. Maybe playing with many of their descendants. Seriously? Why do you need to retire? How many years you’ll live Okay I’ll let you in on a little secret -? Despite having worked in the retirement pension and I was pretty vague about what happened to me when I retire to death. Are you? Well, there is something definitely probably will not do you much good at that point.Let’s take me as an example, I am 40 years old now (almost), I can live up to 90 said no retirement up to 25 years if the second job to 65, which most of us do.

So 25 years working, 25 years retired, you say. If we say there is a possibility that I would die each year, say for the sake of argument could also pass right in the middle – as if I hit retirement. Even without the math skewed (due to the possibility, of course, is higher since I graduated 65), there is a very high likelihood that many people have died or deteriorated quickly after they retire.There have many theories for it – people do not feel worthless if they work hard, without needing to get up and go to work the only person … The loss of this physically and mentally. In fact the best way to ensure a healthy long life is to be an active and physically.

So may think, than healthy retirement, the best recipe for long life and happy to do what Your love.Of course, if I appear around my clogs my 65 really hope that I live my life love.So. .. The most pragmatic, sensible approach to the whole concept of old age and retirement … Find a career that you like and continue to do so for as long can.So you once again … Why do I need to retire after the first time people have mood -? Then have a life – make choices about how you want your life to end not only what happens to your stuff when it’s time to start did.

So Think about Benefits of maturity as something other than numbers on a page that someone else gets to bet on. What would you do with your life if you had only 6 months to live for many people is a creative endeavor? – This is risky – but potentially something that could get royalties for decades to come.Or business ideas that can take many years to develop itself.

Maybe it is a skill – translation, psychotherapy, yoga – that may take time to develop, but the things that you can keep motivated and active and alive for a long time, a long time.

It ‘s the only way to win the game retire, because the house always wins, the only way to win is to be an investment company. Within a short time you have to invest smarter, to yourself gambling, gambling yourself.

And fall or at least invest in something that you can enjoy smart – real estate, gold, diamonds, art – You can lose but at least you’ll enjoy the scenery in the process. Because after all, life is too short or too long for a life that is not valid.

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