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One Question You Must Ask Yourself If you want to achieve Increased Fat Loss and Better Health

To accelerate fat loss and optimal health there is a simple question I asked myself that makes me on track when I was in the grocery store. This is the same question as I change my body, lose 50 pounds of fat and greatly improve my health biomarkers ago.That year and a half the question is: “? If I had lived 10,000 years ago, the food to be available to me “In my opinion, no single question will always guide you in making better food choices when you shop and decide what to eat the restaurants.I’m not famous fitness guru But the truth is, that this technique has changed the lives of nutrition I was in a lot of personal items, and more, I am a living, breathing testimonial to the effectiveness of this technique nutrition.I first became interested in nutrition style after seeing the amazing results in both health and weight loss experienced by family members and friends to perform this technique.

I started researching the topic thoroughly implemented as a way of life, not only to lose weight, but also for optimal health because when you delve into it, it just makes sense. It worked out very well for me.Although we make great strides in medical science, what our bodies need and what they want to get ahead have not changed much since the Paleolithic period. I am not a die hard “paleo diet” advocate, as I also include some “real” (especially root vegetables and white rice) is generally avoided, but I’m sure it is right track as evidenced by my results. Fitness icon Jack Lalanne during the final note said “If man made, do not eat it” Here skinny.Despite all major steps in Medical Sciences in the past 100 years, most of the food we eat undergo other methods such as health and nutrition concerned.For example, estimated that the average ancient destroyed an average of 2-5 percent of their diet as wild grains.Contrast have now, if we consume foods that are made closer to 60 or 70 percent of Our modern diet as grain and is slightly large fine.

To make matters worse, most of the wheat (90% or more) is now genetically modified (definitely not a wild and natural) to improve yields and increased pest resistance.The genetic changes were made to an effort to end world hunger (a worthy goal I identified), but also made virtually zero testing done on how this will affect people and their health. The more of them we eat, the higher rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. (These are just the big ones. Many others like arthritis, ADD / ADHD, celiac, IBS etc. are not mentioned here) In the book “Wheat Belly”, Dr. William Davis, details how wheat was unchanged for the last 50 -60 years, and he also explains the detrimental effects of inflammation in grain body, blood sugar and body fat, and also shows some of the many adverse health effects from having too much grain in your diet. (I highly recommend this book). Given the amount of grain in the diet of the average American, looking for decent noting.Reducing or delete items in your diet can be one of the missing links for you.Other food I have reduced or eliminated as a result My diet important questions:

1) fine sugar and products that contain high amounts of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. (Soda is one of the worst, and artificial sweeteners are no better for you)

2) unpasteurized dairy cow diet eating unnatural grain and injected with hormones and antibiotics to increase production. (I chose the Almond Milk and dairy products from grass-fed animals)

3) Do not be organic. (To prevent them sprayed with pesticides) 0.

4) Meat grain elevator unnatural diet and treated with antibiotics. (Choose grass fed beef, game, free range organic chicken, and wild-caught fish and seafood instead)

5) Foods that contain artificial sweeteners. (I only use Stevia, Organic Honey or maple syrup) At first glance, it might seem there is nothing left to eat, but with a little education on the subject will find all kinds of delicious foods available more offers satisfaction than artificial products. You will also get many other foods that can be taught is not good for you actually.

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