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Obesity – Obesity Both Seven sins

This is the second article in the series, which I tried to explain the reasons for changing the size and shape us to be fat. In western culture, we had a blast advertising market in any direction that confuses life with needs’ and ‘wants’. There are too many options to determine what is right and wrong in obesity life.In first mistake, I feel we over-reliance on cars, which means cars, creating the worst damage. Using my own experience as an example, I know that if I had a car, I use the bike again. It’s not because I do not like cycling, it just became easier and more convenient, require less energy to get in the car and go to the local shops.

Yes it is a nuisance to open a bike, wearing my helmet, with All my other equipment circle, but in the summer I can cycle under the sun, fresh air and smell the flowers and not be distracted by angry drivers, if I was going around (I usually avoid) the risk. have a car, we become “satisfied” with our lives. We feel that it is too complicated to consider other options in our lives. We do not have time to think of other ways to get around. We as a society have become so dependent on cars for transportation that we look beyond the ‘box’ or a car, new ways to get around.

Now if you look out of the car and explore other alternatives, you can discover a whole new world out there that does not require a vehicle to take advantage. By running or spinning, you can burn the stored energy in your body, breathe fresh air and because it’s pink, which will calm your nerves and your energy on an emotional creature. This situation has also led to my second offense obesity, which follow the lead of fast food life. It is all too easy to bundle the kids in the car for the trip to McDonald’s for a hamburger, fries and pop, or do anything to make fresh pizza on the way home from work, instead of rushing home to home and try to figure out what you’re cooking for your family led by the big companies to make life easy on yourself and buy a quick and easy meal out there,! regardless of whether it is good for you or not. If you’re out there, you think you can not harm you. So bring on the local fast-food and take food for the whole family, will make you feel happy that you are giving families what they want. Then you avoid all night planning, preparation and clean all arrangements.

But dinner is not what everyday life is all about? To live our lives every day with quality, we need to take care of ourselves first, which means that our own personal care and necessities of life, and then take care of the needs of family. If we do not like doing, then why do so we enjoy making things easier to care for ourselves and our families By avoiding shopping for groceries we cook every day to feed ourselves and our families:? We ate Treasure franchise companies such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Pizza Hut, which provides nutritious food bad for overall health benefits you and your family.

It fatigue which can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle not adequate nutrition, which you can not see the food served at such a fast food restaurant. It is far better for you to shop for food in supermarkets receive more regular organic food every day, so you and your family get proper nutrition on a daily basis.

My father taught me a valuable lesson in life, which I understand, as a way to combat obesity, “Keep the Simple Life”. It means more to me, because I can cycle in specialty stores for fresh cheese, homemade wheat bread, and home-grown vegetables. I even completing his own farm to pick strawberries, blueberries and other fruits or box vegetables.

The is your car. If you look at traveling outside the ‘box’ and explore your local area by walking, cycling or, you’ll see a whole new world of natural and healthy products available that can offer more good life simpler and better. It would be a better life, where you can breathe fresh air, smell the roses and life a lot simpler than you are living in a box and never loose!