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Molar Pregnancy – Symptoms and Treatment

What are the main symptoms of a molar pregnancy? The main symptom is bleeding and spotting in early pregnancy. That is why this condition is often considered as abortion. Other symptoms – vomiting, nausea, elevated levels of hCG, early pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure, which usually occurs in the first month of pregnancy), fetal movements luck, the absence of heart sounds. There are also some rare complications that can arise such as the development of thyroid disease.

How to know that you are suffering from this disease? If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, you need to visit the doctor and passed inspection. Gynecological examination, a molar pregnancy is diagnosed if there is a bigger womb, ovarian enlargement, and if there are abnormally high levels of hCG in the laboratory. Ultrasound Ultrasound often shows the cluster in the form of alcohol, which is an indication for treatment for broken placenta.

What molar pregnancy? Molar pregnancy usually ends in failure, but if one does not show up, the uterus must be cleaned by curettage or abortion drugs to be made. If the mole is destructive or penetration, hysterectomy may be necessary. Over the next six months he supervised and monitored hCG levels, as part of a mole can continue to grow and lead to the development of malignant development.

The good news is that about 90% of women who suffer from this disease does not require different treatment. They just need to avoid another pregnancy in the next year after they have a diagnosis. For that they can use any kind of contraception, with the exception of the spiral. According to statistics, percentages that appear in the second molar pregnancy is really small – around 1-2%. Also useful for couples to go consult with their obstetrician before starting a new venture for baby.

When a woman diagnosed with a molar pregnancy it’s really important to have a relative and family support. Usually there is no embryo, but once there, did not have a chance to flourish. Pregnancy terminated by abortion and the need is very difficult for a woman, because of all the expectations and you want to lose. He needs time to recover emotionally and physically, because it is a little more complicated than usual abortion.

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