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Myths about weight loss

There are so many stories going around about weight loss.Where mythology come from? This myth started because many people do not really understand how to lose weight.Some mythology began as a reason why people can not lose weight. They say things like training to make you more weight and use it as an excuse for not exercising. This is only true, but they do not look far enough into the subject. When you exercise you put on muscle. Muscles twice as heavy as fat. Therefore you do not need to depend on how much you weigh, but we look in the mirror and see what you see like.

Many people say that salt is not fattening because there were too few calories. Although the real cause to keep the water, which means that you will gain weight. Salt also causes an increase in blood pressure that can lead to heart disease and other problems. There is so much salt in food these days do not need to add extra salt to your meals.Another mythology is that you are the ruins of the joint exercise. Please if done correctly will not harm your joints. The only way that exercise can damage your joints if you do incorrectly.

Another big myth is that sugar is not addictive. Sugar is actually more addictive than heroin. It affects your understanding of the brain. If you feed your kids a lot of sugary foods and then suddenly stopping them after they’ve had a bad reaction. They are irritable, angry and generally make your life hell. This can cause them to become hyperactive. Think of the time you have to give them candy or soft drinks. It is the sugar that makes a hyperactive.

Another myths about weight loss is that skipping meals will make you lose weight. Doing so will only make the body store more fat. It goes back to early development. If you do not get energy from the food your body go into starvation mode and store fat to allow you to perform a function. Stored fat to give them the strength to go out and hunt for more food and thus survive. It is a natural instinct for survival that makes them store fat. That is because it is an excellent source of energy. Although skipping meals will reduce the amount of calories you consume, it will not stop you from saving fat.

A many myths arise because people do not understand how the body works.I hope you find this article It regards useful.Kind, Stephen deer

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