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Maybe we need stunned

It is always a difficult thing to write about it because every day we hear about children, teens, and even adults to be victims of bullying. Some words hurt you imagine the outrage experienced by most people at some point in their lives. We teach our children ‘golden rule’ and we as adults try to live by the rules, but we still hear skepticism from the example here chime in.

Is bullying.The threats mean bad things? Over the years the two words pass your ears to stay true to the ‘golden rule’, which is a rule that you have to treat people exactly the way you want to be treated, but it does not always work that way.If you are out and about driving and make other people in your car only to find out that you both go to the same store at which point you stop apologizing for doing mistake.You to hold gold tip rule.

The other people, however, still feel the need to push to make a deliberate, and when the rules are violated and threatened out to the point where you begin to comment on anything that you can think about the other person.As much as we try to stop people from becoming bullies we all have one in our lives at some point in time, and most of the time it’s directed at someone too overweight.Even local news anchor has a hand written sentiments from the audience about being fat, which he has maintained for four minutes viewer.

Not cries to keep the idea of ??a threat, but it does not matter how ‘good’ you can say to someone, “Hey, I think you need to lose a few pounds,” people on the other end can not even pay attention.Back with examples of Individual Gold ‘rules’ that are easy to use and attoned apologized for his mistake, but the people he was angry not get the message, and then just be a heated debate that he started understand.Maybe we need to be bothered time.

Maybe sometimes we need to get a shot of truth to make us do something to fix this problem. There is a constructive way to do it, and we have to try and find the people, because the clock is ticking on getting people to consciously make changes on issues such as obesity grows before it is too late.

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