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How to treat cervical cancer

Alarming statistics revealed recently in Australia, when it was revealed in a survey conducted by a university professor is seen as the use of condoms for safe sex refusal skills to young adults included in the 16-26 age group. Of course, it is a remarkable feature in the modern age when so many treatments available either.

Thanks to medical science is a long way, but it remains a major problem for doctors around the world the disease is untreatable cancer treatment. And there happens to be a sexually transmitted disease that is not directly responsible for the disease. I’m talking of course about cervical cancer in women.

There is a virus called HPV infection also causes genital warts and now has been proven by medical science that HPV infection can cause cervical cancer some serious adult women. Cancer is treated with a variety of methods including surgery and then, of course, is the treatment of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but often do more harm than good. This is because to kill cancer cells and human cells.

So medical science to back off and very cleverly developed a vaccine against Human Papillomavirus. The vaccine is very effective and can be given to girls as young as twelve. So the idea is to protect them from contact with HPV long before they reach it.

Logically, if they are protected against HPV infection then it will also protect them also to the development of cervical cancer, HPV because the virus was found to be responsible for cancer as well. And, of course, there is no reason why people should be vaccinated at an early age. Preventing HPV you are infected and then pass it on to colleagues who have not been vaccinated.

But then of course, there are some of us who are not lucky enough to be vaccinated against HPV, however, mainly because the vaccine has recently been developed. People who are infected with HPV and genital warts. But that is not the treatment of this disease and to improve natural homeopathic remedies are freely available without a prescription.

Thus, medical science has made some serious progress in the field of sexually transmitted diseases. We were only able to treat genital warts caused by HPV infection, but now we also can prevent infection with the HPV vaccine. And finally, it is absolutely true that cervical cancer can now be prevented in all women.

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