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Hair loss treatments that really work

Hair loss treatment has actually been around for thousands of years. Hippocrates himself developing a treatment back to ancient Greece. Treatment, with dove court, but does not cure his baldness. Men and women are trying hard to cover up thinning hair and baldness. Hats, hairpieces, wigs, extensions, comb-overs, hair thickener, move, and different strategies used in recent years to cope with thinning hair or baldness. Although derived from the use of stool pigeons, physicians and scientists still do not do drugs. In fact most people buy hair loss products currently getting the little or no treatment for dollars.When painstakingly decide, you need to be careful.

Many of these “miracle” products that you see advertised in magazines and television ignored. They guarantee to prevent male pattern baldness or hair restoration usually offer too good to be true. Either they are not designed for this type of hair loss or more often they simply just do not work. Unfortunately that is rarely explained to the consumer. Be sure to do your research first. Check if the FDA-approved treatment. Ask your doctor if treatment is recommended. See how other organizations recommend that a particular product. The American Hair Loss Association is a great resource for this topic. They provide lots of great information about hair loss and the treatments available for all drugs they website.Since not available, early detection and treatment are essential for the prevention of hair loss and regrowth. One of the most effective treatment for male drug FDA approved Propecia (generic name – Finasteride). Most people who use Propecia is not suffering from hair loss.

A high percentage of them also experienced hair growth while using Propecia. Although far more effective, minoxidil is another treatment approved by the FDA. Topical treatment, known as Rogaine, had mixed results at best. However, if other hair loss treatments that are proven effective, can be invaluable try.Unfortunately minoxidil for women have a lot of success in treating women’s hair loss. Because it is more common in women, pharmaceutical companies are more likely to spend research dollars towards finding a cure. The only FDA-approved treatment available for women minoxidil. The good thing is that it is somewhat less effective for women than men.

There are also a number of other drugs that are designed for other purposes, but showed some effectiveness when used to treat women. Aldactone, Tagamet, Cyproterone acetate, hormone replacement therapy, birth control pills, ketoconazole, Propecia and some of these options. Before using any of the above treatment, however, be sure to consult with your doctor first. And remember, regardless of what some claim to advertising, Minoxidil and Propecia are the only treatment approved by the FDA.

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