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Flat stomach and Pizza, per favore!

We are built to move and what your needs are we going to do all day is closely associated with … physical exercise. Simple. Think about how much we have to move, to perform daily activities, and how much we really miss simple movements just to make our lives easier.We wake up in the morning, jump in the shower, Do whatever you need should we do it, dressed, and ready for the day, and then hopped in the car and go to work. In our lunch time, we ran to the nearest coffee shop just to grab a burger, with a few bites and eat it back to our table. Oh! How cappuccino? As we say life is beautiful and everything is different from our ancestors. Everything is changing so fast! Although cappuccino changed a lot lately. Go to the table and then ask cappuccino, you know, with cappuccino, suddenly realized that there was no “just cappuccino.” Now you can have a skinny cappuccino, foam or cream, coffee without caffeine, with single or double coffee, long , short, choccochino, moccachino … “What the heck out of nowhere my usual cappuccino Life!” – My inner voice scream! That’s just the tip of the sound. Me-I all I smile! I was part of the modern world! OK, all important.

We need to meet short life and always be thankful for what Mother Nature gives us. The only problem is, that we, humans, abusing the gift of our time very often. We would like to take advantage far greater than anything else, from what really should. This means that, like the use of “burning water” (after enjoying it, we numb for two days after that). The next one is money. We never know how to keep a balance between your wallet and normal life. Money is not enough. If you make a simple math on the cost of living and the cost of your life, you can really easy to understand how we can live like a king with less, then what we always aim for it. Do yourself a favor and calculate the cost of your life like this: Write down all of your monthly expenses, absolutely everything. Then divide each number by an average of 30 days to figure out your daily expenses: In the next column write down the cost of your life. All what you want to spend: holidays, shopping, food, entertainment, etc. Do the math to get the daily numbers again. Now, add the two totals and see how much would be enough to make you dream about another reality.The, we do not matter much when we consume it, … The food, of course! That’s why many of us are overweight. Sometimes it’s not running around us rolling! I remember when I was born the idea to get a flat stomach.

Until then every time I sit down to eat, it feels like it would be the last meal of my life. Totally abused! My belly fat hanging over my belt and just looking for a big problem somewhere.The moving coil, as we say earlier.We not move enough. We went to the shopping center and we always first try to park in the mall, if possible, after that, because we can not do it, try to park as close as possible to the entrance. OK, but how to move? Currently everything is automatic. Should we really use every possible situation to move on and do our little exercise even a shopping center parking lot. Just park a little further away and walk to the mall. If you live near a local supermarket, do not go in the car to buy bread and a quart of milk. Walk or take your bike. If you fight with your spouse-run! First, you have to make it happy with the run and second, you have your little exercise for the day. If you look at a regular time for a party, you have no excuse for not finding the time to exercise on a regular basis is more important too.The thing is you do not have to put too much effort to stay healthy and keep your body in good condition.

When I decided that enough was enough I was 116 kg. What I do is start jogging and change the quality and quantity of nutrients daily, then after I bought the bike and now my passion. So, the bottom line is, never persecute use every day is something that you want to consume it. If you like pizza, leave for your “cheating days” as I did. Fraudulent my day was Sunday. Do the same thing. Exercise during the week (not too much), consider your daily intake and eat the sun and do whatever you like.Soon then began regime for yourself you will find that you really can not eat a fraud much you use it for. If you want to be successful in your slimming and proper nutrition you can visit me and see all my useful strategies and tips on how to lose belly fat and your body celebrity. I have received what seems to me interesting and I am very happy and proud of it. I do not feel bad to live next to my beautiful wife now. Of 116-88 and still eat my favorite foods … not good?

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