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Excess Sugar Causes Rapid Aging

Although the theory is accepted Aging does not exist at the moment, the main thing that causes rapid aging are known, and for most of them to explain why some people see a lot of kids acting than other people their age. We know, for example, produces oxygen molecules called “free radicals,” and they make a significant contribution to aging caused by Glycation is important ager “oxidative stress.”; Occurs when the sugar bonds with proteins wrong. And of course there are other factors such as inflammation, and toxins from various types of securities. Finally, our genes also play a role, but perhaps not as big as you think. In the final analysis, however, it is the damage to our DNA the most important, because our DNA that govern all life processes that occur in our bodies, and if damaged our bodies begin to break down StressLet down.

Oxidative by looking at our DNA. It is contained primarily in the nucleus of the cells of our bodies. At this time and expose corrupt “code of life” to create RNA and proteins that are important for our well-being. Also thousands of small factories in the cell called mitochondria to produce the energy we need for our daily activities. Mitochondria regardless of glucose (sugar) and oxygen, and use it to generate ATP, which stores energy. Mitochondria also contain DNA which is slightly different from the DNA in the nucleus. This causes most of what happens in mitochondria.From simple point of view, the energy we need to do in a small crime “furnace” in the mitochondria, as in the case of all furnaces, he releases “smoke.” Smoke In this case , however, free radicals are a major threat to the body. It is important, therefore, that the mitochondria and other defenses of our body get rid of them as quickly as possible, before they can do any damage.

And for the most part they do. Their defense is what is called “antioxidants”, and although they did a good job, some radicals who always managed to survive and make some damage.Fortunately, we have the nuclear DNA “repair mechanism,” and managed to fix most of the damage free radicals are doing, but no mitochondrial DNA repair mechanisms, and when the free radical damage, it will remain broken, and as a result, weakened mitochondria and release less energy than it should. If this happens to a lot of mitochondria began to feel weak and a lot of the symptoms of old age. In essence, normal.I age faster than you should mention that we also get free radicals from the air we breathe and the food we eat, and too important to control them. Once again, they are best controlled with antioxidants.So what has all this to do with sugar? It is easy to see that more and more blood sugar (and your cells), the more energy is generated mitochondria, and the greater the amount of free radicals to produce.

Moreover, the greater the amount of free radicals results, the greater the damage to the mitochondria. It is therefore important to have a healthy balance where your body is able to keep the damage to a minimum. Too much glucose (sugar) can overwhelm the mitochondria and make it harder to control damage.TelomeresHow we can tell how much damage has occurred? Or, in other words, is there a way we can determine how quickly our body aging? In fact, there is. Our bodies have a “time indicator.” It’s called telomeres, DNA and is located near the end of each of our chromosomes. To see how this works, we must begin with one of the main things that happen in our bodies all the time, especially, “cell division.” This is a process that gives us a new cell.

At one time it was thought that these cells can keep dividing forever, but in the early 1980s showed that they could continue to divide indefinitely. Each cell, in fact, can only divide 50-70 times before it died. And every time we lose to share some of the telomere (about 30-200 units of DNA). From the simple standpoint that we can think of telomeres as a string of about 60 small beads, and each time a cell divides, one of the beads disappear. When there are no remaining beads, the cells can not divide and dies.Telomeres not only cons: they play an important role in your body. They protect the ends of chromosomes that make up the DNA chain: Actually, they prevent chromosome ends from fraying and sticking to each other (which will cause serious problems). They are also important to protect the DNA in chromosomes.

Without telomeres, every time a cell divides, some DNA lost.It easy to see from the accelerated cell division for whatever reason, part of the telomere decreases more rapidly. So the total length of telomeres provide a good indication of the “true age” we (not our chronological age). Is there anything that speeds up cell division, and telomeres shorten faster? Studies on lab rats showed that a diet high in sugar cause an increase in the rate of cell division and accelerate telomere shortening.AGE ‘sAnother “super manager” is advanced Glycation End Products or AGE for short, and again sugar directly involved. They are the result of a natural bond between the sugar and protein.

Well there are sugar binding protein regularly throughout the body, and there is no bond issue. It was determined that the enzymatic bonds because the enzymes used to make them. Unfortunately, the method of bonding between sugar and protein also occurs without the use of enzymes. This creates a conglomeration of unnatural links along the chain of proteins: in short, linked protein strands are entitled to the right place, and make it stiff and unnatural. It was determined that AGE AGE occurring throughout the body:. Kidneys, arteries, nerves, joints and skin. A place that you can easily see it in your face, and it was because one of the most common protein in your body, especially collagen, essential for the appearance of your skin.

In particular, it is part of the connective tissue of your skin, and helps to keep it stable and smooth. When attacked by too much collagen AGE if it loses elasticity and begins to sag and develop wrinkles, and also began to look “rough.” To see why you want to be a rough face as a result of AGE, we can see how they are made. They happen every meal (meat, mainly) cooked without water. A good example is the turkey. The browning of the skin caused by AGE turkey, and it is the same process that happens in your body when you have excess AGE. Your skin starts to look like a cooked turkey skin. You get some of your AGE as a result of food cooked without water, but your body most AGE derived from sugar overload. So be careful how much sugar you eat: in particular, beware of products that contain fructose, AGE produces ten times faster than any other glucose.InflammationInflammation “major ager” your body.

Then again, it’s quite common sugar is one of the main triggers excess sugar in your blood inflammation.When build your body trying to get into the cells where it can be used. But if the receptors on the surface of your cells weakened, he had to fight an uphill battle. So to produce more insulin in an attempt to force their way into the results that you will soon have a large amount of sugar and insulin in your blood. In addition, excess sugar causes insulin “spike” that leads to redness, swelling and, in turn, led to the production of AGE. The end result is: the more sugar you eat, the higher levels of insulin and glucose, and the more inflammation your body produces. And anything that causes inflammation also causes more insulin resistance, so it is a vicious circle.What DoBasically may want to protect your body against free radicals excess AGE, and swelling.

The best thing you can do to help is by reducing the consumption of sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) consumption. Other things that help are: .. ? Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables ? can eat whole grains, nuts and seeds ? Make sure you get plenty of fiber in your diet ? Exercise ? Drink enough water every day … This helps to keep glucose and insulin under control. ? Nutrients that help control AGES L-carnosine and vitamin B-6. ? Get antioxidants. ? Avoid fatigue and toxins. Stress can also shorten telomeres faster.

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