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Evaluating Your ADHD Child’s explain

Your school-age children continue to have problems – he could not sit still, can not pay attention, and aggressive towards other children. The teacher may call you to tell you about this matter, but realized it was because he had shown the same behavior problems at home. After much research and consideration, you finally take your child to see a specialist, who diagnosed him with ADHD. How do you explain the diagnosis of ADHD? Looking for the right medication is a good first step, but your child will also need to be made aware of his condition so that he himself can take an active role in responding to symptoms. If a child is aware of what the symptoms he is and what he can do about their child’s ADHD will not keep you from making friends or doing well in school.

For this reason, your child should really know about ADHD diagnosis and extent of symptoms. Tell your children the truth about ADHD, but done in a constructive and credible. The idea is to get your kids involved in taking care of himself, because he just might have to work as hard as you will.Start and talking to teachers explaining how the brain works. You can tell that your child’s brain works faster than most children, and can make it do things or say things without thinking. Explain that this is not necessarily a bad thing, but the brain needs to slow down in certain situations, such as during school or while playing with friends. Reinforce the idea that ADHD can be managed with proper treatment, but it was a team effort that requires your child participation.Here some statements that you can use to explain the disorder:

Now doctors determine what your problem, we can work as a team and make things better at home and at school.

Other children also have ADHD and need to do some things for the better.

ADHD is nothing to be ashamed of. Children with ADHD have a special gift as well. There’s not always full of new ideas and full of energy? Not all creative kids like you.

ADHD is not an excuse to act up or slow down. Your teacher is still expected to remain in your seat, pay attention in class and do your homework. When you grow up, your boss will expect you to do your job well. That is why you need to get treated and work with your doctor and me, so you can control your symptoms as you grow older.

ADHD is not something that can only be overcome. But if you help yourself by working with doctors and teachers, are more problematic part would away.Avoid said the following:

Do not use technical jargon when explaining how the brain works or how the drugs. Instead, explain it in the language of your child will understand.

“You have to learn more about ADHD.” Learning about ADHD is a job for parents, teachers, and other adults to help your child.

“ADHD is explaining who you are.” It only increases the stigma of ADHD and may encourage your child to act out. Instead, say, “ADHD is a small part of you. It does not define who you are or what you will be when you grow up. “

“Look at ADHD as a challenge.” It is frustrating statement will not help your child cope or feel better about the pain.

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