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Essential Fatty Acids: The Perfect Skin Therapy for dandruff, eczema and psoriasis

Diet low in essential fatty acids can lead to worsening Dysfunction in the body including skin conditions such as dandruff (seborrhea), psoriasis and eczema. It is a common complaint known anxiety many of us at some point in our lives. Problems of the skin and scalp of unknown cause that makes it more difficult to treat. Many people say they are genetically predisposed to the condition. By the time they fell asleep, and we will gladly remove it from our minds, but then they reappear with little warning often after a stressful episode in our lives.

So why essential fatty acids to improve The skin condition? This skin disorder: dandruff, psoriasis vulgaris, eczema and all the same thing that allows them to combine. One

(1) is that they run in families and therefore have a genetic component associated with autoimmune diseases such as allergy, so it is necessary to strengthen the immune system. And two

(2), inflammation is one of the main factors that cause irritation of the three head / skin conditions.How Essential Fatty Acids Can HelpInflammation and a weak immune system are the two important areas of functioning is controlled by hormones, and Essential fatty acids (EFA) which form the basis of their hormonal structure. Omega-3 fatty acids and linolenic acid or omega-6 linoleic fatty acids are the building blocks of all the essential fats needed in the body. It has a molecular framework created all that exists. Their main function is to create and manage the functions of an autonomous body, which is a system that does not require conscious effort.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are needed to make cell membranes and developed many important hormones and chemical messenger that tell your body how to work. For example, prostaglandin is an important hormone that regulates many activities, including inflammation, pain and swelling. It is also important to strengthen and protect the immune system and Allergy in reactions.

When system is not functioning properly due to malnutrition, the body’s response can take the form of dandruff on the scalp psoriasis eczema, and skin. Flare-ups can also be triggered by stress, which is an additional factor that pushed the boundaries of which are showing signs of poor diet ‘some skin conditions, as well as the distribution and hair.Now excited dull nails, how much is needed in the diet EFA is uncertain. Every man is said to require varying amounts depending on their eating habits. Studies show that the optimum ratio of 1:02, ie for every one serving of omega-6 eaten, two omega-3 took part in diet.Sources of Essential Fatty Acids

? Evening primrose oil

? Flax seed (linseed) oil

? Fish oil

? Olive oil

? Coconut oil

? Canola oil

? Organic soybean oil

? Hemp oil

? Walnuts

? Sardines

? Tuna

? mackerel

? Salmon

? Cod Fish

? Green leafy vegetables

? Beans

? NutsThe standard Western diet has a high concentration of omega-6 to the plate and balance necessary to promote optimal health. Foods such as mayonnaise, margarine, creamy salad dressings are high sources of inflammatory omega-6, a better option is avocado, safflower and sunflower oils, including essential oils called list.

These called because The body must have them there, and they can only come from our diet. Important not to forget the truth and consume them regularly to keep our bodies functioning properly with wonderful nutrients.

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