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Compression Pump – A Choice for Patients With Lymphedema

Compression pumps can be used on arms or legs and they are portable and easy to take along wherever you go. They can reduce pain and swelling by removing excess fluid from the affected limb or limbs and restore it to the cardiovascular system. It is useful for patients who may require treatment several times a week, which allows them to do the therapy at home rather than travel to therapist.

There a need to use a two-phase compression pump. The first stage of preparation. It prepares to receive lymphatic vessels transferred by pumping fluid. If this part of the therapy is not done properly, can cause damage to other tissues. In the home setting, self-massage is the best way to prepare vessels.

The compression pumps are available in two types that are recommended for the treatment of lymphedema. The Sequential Gradient Pump is mainly used for the legs. This is an automatic pump has been pushed to the arm which is placed on the affected leg. Look at the setting that allows the arm to be good and then release, which is similar to the natural flow normally produced by the body. Encourage lymphatic fluid from the body and the toe where it can be returned to the cardiovascular system, the patient is free of pain and swelling pressure pump area.

A FlexiTouch make the second stage of treatment preparation and the actual pump which is used to restore the body’s lymphatic fluid. They can be used in the patient’s arm or leg and rest or reclines position is recommended. Pump is turned on and then the preparation phase is complete, the pump automatically starts the drainage phase. Important that the two stages completed at the same time. The procedure takes approximately one hour per day.

Lymphedema is a fairly common affliction estimated 3 million people in the U.S. suffer. Often developed after the patient has cancer radiation treatment or surgery. The most common breast, bladder, prostate and cervical cancer. It can also develop after treatment for melanoma and lymphoma. It also can cause deep vein thrombosis or trauma.

When clogged lymph channels from damage due to surgery, lymphatic fluid can not go through the lymph vessels. This causes fluid to build up and not drain properly. Compression pump helps to help stimulate the lymphatic fluid flow by using a channel that is inserted into the clothing worn. Rise and deflate gently help move the fluid back to the pump body.

The so quiet when it worked out that the patient can read or watch television. They will provide a sustainable and cost-effective flow. The control panel is easy to use by following the instructions that come with the compression pump. Before using the pump needed clothes and pump settings adjusted. It is different for each patient and should be fixed in accordance with the instructions of the therapist patient. If you order your pump, the machine may or may not correspond to certain settings.

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