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Causes of Constipation and Natural Medicine

Is constipation? You can clean up if you have three or fewer bowel movements for a week, or if the bowel movements painful or difficult. Impurities before also hard and dry in appearance. Constipation can also make people feel bloated, always full and sluggish. In some cases it can also cause more severe symptoms such as confusion.

However, bowel habits every person is different, and some people have a bowel movement every day, it is normal for people to open their stomach only every two or three days, so when you open your belly every day but no problems so you do not always constipated.

Constipation is something that affects most of us at some point in our lives. It is usually not serious and usually do not last long. If you are constipated, then there are several ways to relieve the symptoms and prevent recurrence.

What a Cause Constipation? The large intestine is responsible for moving waste through the rectum and anus that can be passed in the form of feces. As the waste material through the colon, water is removed from it. If the colon does not pass waste material through fast enough, too much water is removed that causes dry, hard stools that are difficult to pass.

There number of factors that can cause constipation. A poor diet can play a role, especially if you do not eat enough fiber. Dehydration can also be a risk factor, so make sure you drink enough fluids to clear. A change in diet and lifestyle can contribute to constipation, and stress can also be a factor. Constipation can be caused by ignoring the urge to defecate, for example, may be reluctant to ‘go’ at work and decided to wait until you get home. If it becomes a habit, you are training the muscles in the colon to ignore the body’s natural signals so that they become more effective in moving waste.

Certain medications, such as some anti-depressants, pain killers, diuretics and iron supplements can also cause constipation as a side effect. In addition, there are a number of health conditions that may be a factor, including irritable bowel symptoms, hypothyroidism, and diabetes. Pregnant women are also at risk of being constipated.

Natural TreatmentYou Constipation Constipation can be treated effectively by using a number of natural methods, changing your diet. Eating fiber-containing foods such as whole grains, cereals, vegetables and fruits. Fiber helps the body to produce softer stools easier to pass. Limit the amount of processed foods in your diet and make sure you drink enough fluid is clear, the recommended daily intake is 8 glasses a day. Caffeine and alcohol act as diuretics, thus limiting the consumption of regular thes

Exercising enhance all the natural functions of the body and can help to maintain regular bowel habits. Try to use at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days week.

Find ways to reduce the amount of fatigue that you are under. You can find relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga for your body beneficial.

Listen. When you feel the urge to turn your stomach, go to the toilet as soon as possible. Relax, take your time and resist the urge to strain. If you do not have a bowel movement, left the toilet and try again later.

Some people have found that taking supplements natural colon cleanse gently relieves constipation and helps to maintain regular bowel habits.

MedicationIf you are still constipated, or if it keeps reoccurring, you should consult your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe medications such as laxatives or fiber powder to soften the stool. They will also be able to give you advice about all other medicines that adjustments can cause constipation. Your doctor will also be able to conduct tests to determine if there are medical reasons and are able to provide advice on proper care.

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