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Are you afraid to Teach Yoga Class?

I’ve always loved yoga and when my teacher told me his wife was doing teacher training program ten years ago, I was very interested. I do not want to teach, but only had the opportunity to go deeper into meditation and yoga for my own personal growth. The first question I ask is if I just took for my own development and not be a teacher. He told me that it was okay to do it, but to keep an open mind.The skills are very good and I was also able to connect with other people who are interested in peace and tranquility, rather than focusing external stimulants. There is never any pressure to have to teach a class and my idea is that I can show to family members or friends if they show interest. Towards the end of the exercise we have to make the grade. I was very nervous but it was not well received feedback later. We each paired up with a guy who led the class so useful for preparation.A few months after the class ended, the teacher I went to India for a month and asked me to replace her class. I was reluctant, but also curious. It turned out to be very satisfying. I’m afraid many jurisdictions to be very flexible. I saw that people were not interested in that part, and it’s not the core of yoga. Another fear has to do with forgetting teaching.I card so I brought some with me and it went very smoothly. I was shocked and then offer the middle class and have it

fulfilling.Do enough not to let your fear get in your way. If you love yoga and see the benefits for your own life, you can communicate to others. Think about how you feel after the class. I always feel lighter, more concerned about things and find occupied’ve my mind will be calmer. It is a wonderful thing so well discovering.Remember yoga is not about competition and internal transformation. This is not about special clothes or having the prettiest mat to class. It’s about finding a place with a deep and able to remain silent even when there are challenges with external situations and circumstances. It is a gem that we learn in school and the middle open.

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